Feed Supply for Horses, Cattle, and Cows


Ensuring their Health and Nutrition

The most important thing you can do when caring for horses, cows, and cattle is to make sure they have the proper source of nutrition. The life expectancy of these animals is based on their feeding habits. Feeding your horses and cattle the wrong types of food can be hazardous causing ulcers, disease, and death. The Feed Lot of Coachella, California recognizes this and offers an assortment of hay, feed, and pellets. For added protection, we also stock insect control such as fly repellent for horses.

Salt is a good mineral source these animals. It helps balance their pH levels and electrolytes. The salt proteins we have available are: Trace mineral rock, Trace mineral brick, Trace mineral salt (loose), Plain salt bricks, Meat maker

Feed Available

We also carry: Red flaky wheat bran, Pacific Coast Bail Shaving, Hine pellets, Oyster shell crushed, Diatomaceous Earth,
Alfalfa Pellets - The Feed Lot of Coachella in Coachella, CA

Horse Feed:

Alfalfa Pellets, Alfafa hay, Bermuda Hay pellets, Equine Age Diet, Equine Aged Diet No Molasses, Integrity horse, Integrity horse senior (special mix for older horse), Integrity horse senor w/o molasses (calm horse), Integrity horse mare and fold, Integrity rice bran meal, Integrity rice bran nuggets, Junior horse, Performance Plus 606 horse pellets, Vet Pulp pellets, Red flaky wheat bran, Hay

Livestock feed:

Calf manna, goat feed (w/molasses), Stock builder, Hog finisher pellets, Pig grower pellets, Pig starter pellets (Regular/ medicated, Pot bell pig pellets, Sow ration pellets,
For Hooks and Spurs and other items, contact us for more information.