Bird Feed

Shop at The Feed Lot for your bird, chicken, and game cock feed. Whether you are a bird watcher, breeder, or seller, the key is to have proper food on hand. At our feed store you will find feed specifically for your feathered friend. Scratch Fino™ is one of the major brands of feed for birds available. We also carry the following:
Game Cock mix

Game Cock Mix:

Baja Game Cock Mix, Gallo Colorado Game Cox Mix, Mexicali Mix, Piñata Game Cock Mix, Hernandez, Turkey Developer.


4-way wheat, Rolled barley and corn, Cracked corn, Whole corn, Rolled corn, Reclean milo, Crimped oats, Rolled flat oats, Reclean oats, Reclean wheat.
Bird Seeds

Bird Seed:

Canary Seed, Cockatiel Mix, Duck and Quale Mix, Wild Bird Mix, Finch Mix, Niger feed, Parakeet, Parrot Mix, Unsalted Peanuts, Pigeon feed, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Black seeds.
Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed:

Scratch Feed, Laying pellets, Laying crackets, Laying mash, Quick Gro
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